"When Are We Going to Blast Off?" - Air Travel with Toddlers

Traveling with kids makes the journey both a joy and a lesson in patience for mom and dad. I remember, not too long ago, when my kids were in the 5-and-under set, watching their little faces glow with excitement as they waited for the plane to blast off. At the time, Little Einsteins was at the height of popularity, and they would be tap, tap, tapping their little legs in a drum roll build-up until the plane took to the sky with a “Blast Off” finale. And turbulence, well turbulence is better than a ride at DisneyWorld, according to my then 3 year old who would shout “yippee” as we bounced up and down, as the rest of the passengers grew pale. Of course, after the excitement of blasting off settles down, parents need the most patience to help their little travelers make the best of the journey.

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