​A Passion for Capturing Memories Families Can Treasure

by Teri Murray

Rebecca Huffman specializes in capturing memories that last a lifetime. Her photography is beautiful, and her love of her job is truly a gift. A photographer since 2011, Rebecca discovered her passion was truly about newborn photography, and in 2015 followed that dream.

She focuses on maternity, birth, and newborn photography. Since she connects with the families so much during the newborn session, she also takes family photos. She enjoys celebrating the miracle of pregnancy and the gift of bringing another human being into the world.

While there is some downside to the job of dealing with babies without diapers, the lasting memories and reactions she gets from parents when they see these works of art make it all worthwhile. She loves seeing the tears of joy when clients view their gallery for the first time and loves seeing her artwork posted on Facebook as a profile or cover photo!

Rebecca shared some great tips about newborn photography as well as what you need to know when you book a session.

Can parents come to the studio to meet you before booking? Parents are always welcome to stop by to meet me, but most often we'll meet for lunch or coffee to go over any questions that they might have before booking.

How long and where are the photos taken?

Typically, 2-4 hours in my home studio for newborn, maternity and milestone sessions. Family sessions are generally held on location.

Do you have certain safety precautions? My number 1 safety rule is that someone is always close to baby. Babies are known to startle for no reason and if that happens, someone needs to be close to baby to ensure that they don't roll or fall off of the beanbag or out of the prop. Oh AND I always have my neck strap around my neck. The last thing that I want to do is drop my camera on baby.

Do you have any favorite poses? I love parent poses, but of baby alone, I'd say the bum up pose because you get to see all of their squishy back rolls :)

Do you do anything specific to make sure the baby is comfortable? My studio is kept at about 85-90 degrees for baby, but I have had a few babies that don't like the heat and turn bright red. I always have some sort of white noise and sometimes music playing. Babies hate the quiet, so it's difficult to get them to settle when it's silent. I also use stretchy wraps on my babies. That is almost a fool proof way to keep them calm.

What is provided?

Props, outfits, backdrops and headbands as needed.

When should I book and plan my session?

Maternity sessions are best done between 32 and 36 weeks so mommy is still comfortable. Newborn sessions can be done within 2 weeks of birth.

Rebecca is a mom of 2 boys and 2 girls, loves Chick Fil A and Chipolte and more than anything loves photography! To see more of Rebecca’s work check out her website at http://www.rebeccalynphotography.com/ and contact her at rebeccalynphotography@yahoo.com to book your session.

College to Cradle Gives Back

Melinda Gill, Owner/CEO Cradle to College, LLC

When I first discovered upscale children’s consignment events I found many were donating unsold merchandise to charitable organizations, and as many were charging an admission to shop. I heard of others that were partnering with teen parent programs to offer a “free shop” opportunity. I knew that when I began Cradle to College we would create ways to give back and connect community.

In the spring of 2010 we launched Cradle to College in Clermont, Florida and immediately forged partnerships that would bless far more than the families then choose to consign and shop our events. For 5 years we donated unsold merchandise to agencies like New Beginnings, ADAPT Teen Parenting, FAITH Neighborhood Center, and Varustaa. When we launched our Orlando sale we began partnering with One Heart for Women with Children as well as with Buses ‘n Backpacks. Not only do these agencies benefit from the unsold merchandise consignors choose to donate, but the consignor themselves gets the tax deduction! We have always asked our shoppers to get in on the giving too by bringing an “admission gift” of school supplies or hygiene products to donate to our chosen charities. To date we have donated over 100 totes of supplies and filled a 20’ cargo trailer a total of 20 times!

In March of this year CTC will begin our 23rd season overall. Cradle to College concept is a simple one where families consign, shop and save for the future. Our events are held a week in March and a week in September in Clermont and Orlando; these events showcase gently loved children’s items such as clothing ranging from newborn/preemie to child size 14, toys, books, shoes, cd’s and DVD’s, baby gear (strollers, highchairs, etc), furniture, bedding, maternity wear, homeschool materials and more. The idea is if a child has worn it, played with it, read it, listened to it, watched it, and it is in good condition it can be resold. CTC differs from year-round children’s resale stores in that we only operate a total of 4 weeks each year and in doing so not only do we pay CONSIGNORS 65-75% on their sold items, but we have varied inventory options that allow us to take much more merchandise at one time, and we can also transfer inventory from one location to another with ease. For SHOPPERS we offer a one-stop professionally designed merchandising environment where families can see, touch, smell and fall in love with tens of thousands of high-quality items at amazing prices in a secure and safe space. Consisting of volunteers from our charitable giving partners as well as local business partners, high school kids needing volunteer hours, moms, dads, and even grandparents, the CTC CREW is all-around the store to assist shoppers.

We value our CTC family and we would love for you to become a part of it and join our efforts to give back and connect community. It’s what we do. For more information please visit CTCSale.com.

"When Are We Going to Blast Off?" - Air Travel with Toddlers

Traveling with kids makes the journey both a joy and a lesson in patience for mom and dad. I remember, not too long ago, when my kids were in the 5-and-under set, watching their little faces glow with excitement as they waited for the plane to blast off. At the time, Little Einsteins was at the height of popularity, and they would be tap, tap, tapping their little legs in a drum roll build-up until the plane took to the sky with a “Blast Off” finale. And turbulence, well turbulence is better than a ride at DisneyWorld, according to my then 3 year old who would shout “yippee” as we bounced up and down, as the rest of the passengers grew pale. Of course, after the excitement of blasting off settles down, parents need the most patience to help their little travelers make the best of the journey.

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