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Kids Cooking Connection: Creating More than Just a Meal

The scent of garlic and tomato sauce fills the air and the clatter of dishes can be heard as you walk in the door. Where is this great restaurant? A new hot place in the Summerport Village community? Unfortunately for local foodies, the answer is no, but luckily for my kids, the answer is The Kids Cooking Connection class offered tonight at ScribbleSpace in Summerport Village!

Tonight’s class: Pasta and Sauce for tweens and teens ages 11-16. The menu includes: homemade pasta, 2 types of sauces – pesto and tomato, garlic bread, and Caesar salad. They made it all fresh. And, walking in the door, watching them eating and enjoying their meals, it is clear that the food is a hit.

The most amazing thing about this experience is the transformation of the space and the total experience these kids get for the price. Thanks to the amazing talent of Tracy Mohr and Carol Rodriguez, the co-working space in which the class held is transformed for 2 hours into 12 makeshift kitchen stations. Each child has a full set of equipment at their disposal – measuring cups and spoons, rolling pins, cutting boards and more. Instructors take them through the process of preparing the meal from scratch: dough is made for the pasta, tomatoes are squished for the sauce, garlic is pressed for the bread. This is real, made-from-scratch cooking, not your jar of Ragu and a box of spaghetti meal. Best of all, the recipe cards for all of this are included with the class, so the kids can repeat this experience at home, and the teachers even tell them to call if they have any questions when they are cooking.

Of course, the final and most important vote is the reaction of my kids. At 11 and 13, its a tough sell to do anything not tied to a computer, phone, or tv…but, they love it. My youngest even asks about coming back for the next class focused on healthy fast food. “I just want to know how they are going to make soda healthy.” I am curious too. Definitely coming back for more of these classes!

Kids Cooking Connection offers a monthly calendar of cooking classes designated for kids from preschool to high school. They also offer private classes in home for groups and birthday parties. For more information visit:

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