Pokemon Go! Make it a Family Adventure

Pokemon Go! I have to admit when I first heard about this new craze, I rolled my eyes a little. Especially because the first thing I heard about were the people driving while playing, causing traffic problems and accidents. Seriously do we need another distraction in life?

Then, my 13 year old requested to get the game and then my 11 year old requested it. I was curious, so I started checking it out. The idea is pretty innocent. The concept is pretty addictive. And get this, you can’t do it just staring at a screen laying in your bed all day. You have to walk around. You go outside and look for as well as capture Pokemon.

Intrigued by this concept, I figured it was worth a try. So, we gave them access to the game. According to our kids, we live in the middle of nowhere (because our community is not on google maps yet). So, we drove down the street to an adjoining community to give it a try. I figured I better download the game too, not to be left out, as did my husband. Randomly, on a Thursday night, we were hunting Pokemon together. The next day, when I had to go to the grocery store, my youngest actually wanted to come with me. She was capturing pokemon on the way, but still, I had a helper with the grocery shopping and she wasn’t grumbling the whole time. The next evening, we were all trying to get to level 5 so we could join a team. We went to a popular tourist destination where there were many Pokemon, Poke Stops, gyms, and tons of other people playing it too.

The popularity of the game has caused challenges logging in using the Pokemon Training club option. Using your Google account to login seems to be more reliable and more consistent. To create an account either with Google or their method, the company does collect basic information such as your name, email, and area in which you are playing. If you have a child under 11, they will need to request your permission through the game before being able to play.

While the game is free to play, there are in-app purchases. Make sure you set your devices to request a password or restrict purchases on your device before letting your children go all in with the game. Whether you are on an iPhone or an Android device, you can change the settings to ensure you will not have unexpected expenses or charges down the line.

So far, Pokemon Go has been a fun adventure for our family. Moderation, as with all things, is key. It can be a great way to enjoy time with family or friends, making some crazy memories!

Safety tips:

  1. Play with other people. Don’t venture out alone, especially at night.
  2. Don’t drive while playing, and pay attention when walking too.
  3. Limit play time to a couple of hours a day.

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